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Clean eating with healthy food basics Part3

I wish I could completely do away with artificial and chemically produced foods with preservatives of any kind. But this is not so easy! Much is only through the process of making Durable chemically treated (milk, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, etc. ). I usually helps to look at the ingredients, which I now is check carefully with every purchase. Here are two simple rules for me: 1 All foreign words are a sure indication of chemistry! 2 Lists with more than 5-6 ingredients should be examined critically - they speak rather " not clean" for. On this point I am still far from 100 % clean (if that is all about ), because I fall keep checking in on processed foods. But I 'm getting better.;-)

Sweeteners are now everywhere in it. Some of them - such as aspartame - are proven harmful to health! Here, too, helps a closer look at the list of ingredients.

Bad fats, for example, Trans fatty acids are contained in so many foods. They have, according to some studies a bad influence on our health. I try - similar to other chemical villains - to avoid completely. Here again applies: Eyes on the purchase! As Michael Pollan has described it so beautifully: "Do not eat anything your grandmother would not Recognize as food. " Amen.

Sugar as the best-known simple carbohydrate is found almost everywhere. Even where we do not expect sugar. For example, include sausage and cheese very often " hidden" sugar à la maltodextrin, dextrose, etc. - all other names for sugar! I'm trying to replace sugar with alternatives such as stevia or not at all to sweet. For example, had previously always be with sugar my coffee. Today it also works without. In terms of simple carbohydrates do I replace the usual grain products whole grain alternatives, hold at the complex carbs for me. Similarly, salads, vegetables and fruits great supplier of complex carbohydrates.

Fast food has become for me an absolute no -go. If already "almost", rather then a delicious salad! It exists everywhere and is also quick to prepare. The elimination of junk food - especially in the form of chocolate and cake - is, however, more difficult for me. Here I have from time to time my junk phases. Sorry!

Healthy Food Clean Eating meals part2


Module 2: The Green Smoothie

I liiieebe Green Smoothies! Who does not know, they should definitely try it. Green smoothies consist of fruit AND vegetables ( usually lettuce). They are super healthy and provide our bodies with all sorts of nutrients. They are also vegan and raw.

I drink for breakfast either very finely mashed or eat them coarsely mashed than Mus. For better usability, I usually sprinkle a few ground flaxseed about it. In her smoothie composition I am always very creative. Actually, you can take almost anything in fruits and vegetables for your green smoothie.

Fruits: banana ( should always be in it, then just tastes better ), apple, pear, berries (fresh or frozen), mango, orange segments, fresh orange juice, lemon juice or whatever you can think of yet

Vegetables: cucumber, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce leaves, fresh spinach (TK goes well ), ginger or sprouts

Extras: Superfoods powders such as spirulina, chlorella, energy powder mix, wheat grass or similar

As a beginner you should initially significantly more fruits than vegetables stuck in the blender. The taste is only once some getting used to. But after some time it will be much better and you can increase the amount of vegetables or salad.


Module 3: The salad

Salad is for me as a meal each day to do so. It is the second portion of raw vegetables a day. I eat salad on working days mostly in our company canteen, because I have the incredible good fortune that the salad bar is there absolutely great. The selection is amazing. So I ask myself every day a salad to my taste together.

Leaf salad: fresh spinach, iceberg lettuce, lamb's lettuce, Lollo Rosso, chicory etc.

Vegetables: gestiftelte carrots, peppers, tomatoes, corn, cucumber, etc.

Extras: mushrooms, prawns, feta cheese cubes, small mozzarella balls, Sprossenmix, sunflower seeds, etc.

Dressing: When dressing I usually only use a little vinegar or an oil ( lemon oil is delicious ).

For salad I usually eat a small wholemeal roll or a slice of Black wholemeal bread.

If I do not eat in the cafeteria, then I prepare my home a salad to my taste or to find me a restaurant where I can get a delicious salad bar.

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